so what next

So, 3/4 of a bottle of wine, and the wii skills dive. Having triumphed yesterday and completed 3 songs on ‘medium’ level of Guitar Hero III I today relished the chance to carry on the good work. Oh dear. not one. Couldn’t hit a blue note if I tried! oh, well, there’s always tomorrow.

On non wii issues; Tuesday post provoked some outrage and thus I find myself once more not talking to Kate. It seems things were not as clear as I thought they were. Once again I erred. Kate, if you do happen to read this; I’m sorry. It was not my intention confuse you.

but I did. so there. guilty as charged apparently.

anyhow. moving on.

so – off to Putney tomorrow to see some friends and catch a band of whom a friend knows the guitarist:

I’ll see if I can pick up some guitar hints! I’ll also let you know if they are any good. They sound a little Avril Lavigne-ish.

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