Disaster strikes!

you know how it is. There is something you shouldn’t touch so you touch it. You have to. There is just something about it that wont let you forget that its there and that you shouldn’t touch it, that you should ignore it , but you just cant help yourself. This is how I came to be Big-toenail-less (Right foot only). Chances are it would have fallen off on its own anyway, I just expedited the process, which, I have have to say, was quite therapeutic. I now however, have one very ugly looking toe! (yes, pictures to follow when I get home and download them).

So, maybe not a disaster. Depends on how you look at it.

The real disaster is that I am heading home today. Which in itself isn’t a disaster as I am quite looking forward to being home.

So, not a disaster at all then. sorry to disappoint.

Lots of things to write about, but to be honest, Its just too damn hot at the moment so I cant be bothered. Ill wait till I’m home and settled back into the work, beer and curry culture and then I will unload on you. I look back on the last three weeks and think “where did the time go?” but in the same breath I think that I have done so much, experienced so much; Adversity, triumph, hilarity, calm, quite, solitude. It really has been a special trip for me and I cant help but feel a little lucky.

All in all, for all of lifes troubles; for all of my faults; ITS GOOD BEING ME 🙂

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