Nearly home time…

its friday, I’m still a the beach but its my last day 😦 however, its not all bad.

The scuba diving has been great, as have the lazy days on the beach and beers at the beach bars. The 5 days have been absolutely marvelous and I feel utterly relaxed. The only thing that perhaps has been missing is a bit of good company and perhaps a bit of sex. That said, its a bit too hot for the later (yes, it can get too hot for sex) and I can live without the former :-). I’ve met a couple of really good folks here at the beach but haven’t gone out of my way to make friends or see people as its been more about relaxing. I really quite enjoy my own company as I happen to think I am a jolly nice person – I make myself laugh if nothing else which is a good start. Oh the times I’ve had with myself! lol

anyhow, I am looking forward to getting home to my own bed again, and a couple of other things:

A curry from Raj Poot
Marmite on toast
A domino’s dominator crust pizza (Tim talked endlessly about these on the Kili trek)
Guitar Hero!
A chilly day to wrap up warm on (odd the things you can miss)

those are just some of them.

On other notes:

1.Toe nail seems to be holding firm – perhaps I wont lose it after all. But it has turned white which looks odd
2.Got a bit sun burnt on the dive boat yesterday so am no longer white by more lobster red. Think I preferred white.
3.Think I have fixed my solar charger so may have phone again soon.. however I havent really missed it.

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