back to normal already…

it sucks!!! I’ve been back a week and it already feels like ages since I was away. ITS JUST NOT FAIR!!! the feeling should last longer, be fresher, clearer and more tangible still. As it is it feels like I have never been away and I have simply got a few more memories that I have to struggle to recall. bummer.

and on another naff note – I came straight back and got the flu which utterly wiped out Thursday, Friday and Saturday for me.

Still, no use crying about split milk is there.

On the whole, I am glad to be back. It was heavenly to sleep in my own bed again and have a wash and shave in hot water. Now I face the task of trying to put my life in order. On soooo many levels. Firstly, home; Jason moved out whilst I was away and Scoot moved in. Scoot is a good laugh so I’m sure there will be no issues I have to say that as he reads this) and Jason was a right wanker anyway so I wont miss him ( I have to say that too because he also reads this) so all in all things should be looking up šŸ˜‰

Scoot also brings with him many benefits: He probably wont wee all over my bed when I’m not there (thanks Jay). He was two wii controller and a guitar for guitar hero (let battle commence). He eats normal food so I can occasionally pinch some of his and we can order in take aways! He doesnt play the violin.

However, with Jason departure I have had to clear out his room of all my stuff. I’ll explain. The back room was initially just a store room for the massive amount of junk I have built up over the many years I’ve been on this planet and when Jason came to me last year asking if I could put him up for a while when he moved back from to the UK from the USA I said no worries – there is always a bed for him here. So he moved in for a while and took over the back room as is. However, a short stay ended up quite a long one, however even when jay offical moved in and started paying rent, he never asked and I never moved my gear and as Jason doesnt own much (materially, he is very rich in a spiritual sense) then it wasnt a problem. However, with Scoot arriving I felt it only fair to move all my gear out and so Its now all in my bedroom. Now the problem with my flat is that I dont have a loft, and I ripped out a lot of the cupboards to make the toilet bigger and to expand the main bedroom. So I am now surrounded by boxes full of, lets face it, Junk. As much as I would like to set up my two boxes of scalextric it just really isnt practical!

So, I find myself needing to get my life in order. with that in mind I have come up with the following short list of things I do (or not).

Task one: organise, be ruthless, and sell or dump some shite.

Task two: Fisnish decorating the flat

Task three: Start ploughing some major effort into work to get back up-to-date

Task four: Learn Spanish

Task Five: Learn to Sail

Task six: Start climbing and running again every week.

Task seven: Become celibate. (maybe). Or get a new girlfriend. (nah).

Task eight: Re-define what I mean in task 7.

So – those are my goals. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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