what a day!

It’s late and I am very tired. so let me surmise quickly. apologies in advance for anyone actually reading this and wanting more than trivial information. tough!

so, the day started early, up and out by 8 and after a quick train ride to Merstham I was walking by 09.30. My fastest ever walk for this route was 2 hours 53 mins set last week when I really caned myself to do a fast time. This week I did the same route in 2 hours 57 mins, taking it a lot steadier. The major differences? A) I ate something before setting off b) I had more than 3 hours sleep that night c) I stopped at regular intervals to eat and drink whilst doing it and d) I used my hiking polls. All of which meant that I did the 8 mile route fairly easily. I then walked back, doubling the distance from 8 to sixteen miles. I don’t mind telling you the last 2 or 3 miles was quite painful.

All this got me back home for around 6pm, just time to shower and head out and see some friends for a few drinks. I first headed to Croydon to see Jo Accus; lovely. then I went into Brixton to see Alison. great. although we didn’t actually try it, Alisons friend Stan and I came up with a great idea to 007 style ski down a set of stairs on a chair. More details of that one later when I can be arsed to write more.

All in all, a bloody great day. it is now however, the very early hours of the next day. which means I have to be up in a few hours to start walking all over again. My main worry right now, I ache and I may not be able to move tomorrow, let alone hike. we shall see..


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