Fridays nights dont get much better than this.

or perhaps they do. My god is TV crap! utter bollox – why am I watch it?

a) because I’m tired and cant be arsed to do anything else
b) because I’m stupid
c) because I’m too lazy to do anything else
d) because I am a glutton for punishment


as a good friend once said,

So, Jay is moving out. He’s agreed to stay till the end of March so I have time to find someone else but then, an end of an era. Jay, I know you’ll ready this “you bastard!” 🙂 so. flat mate 3 down on onto the next. Why does no one want to live with me? I’m working on being a better person. Honest I am. I’ve stopped stealing money and using people mobiles. I’ve even stopped leaving ‘presents’ on beds with being previously invited to do so.

So why oh why does no one want to live with me????

On a semi serious note, it will be a very sad time. Jay is one of my oldest friends and that he chose a car over me, well, that hurts.

I think that’s a good enough excuse to open another bottle of wine, though I may regret that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day of training before hte Kilimanjaro trek. My plan is to walk at least 16 miles each day across the north downs, starting and finishing on box hill. This would be the first major hikes this year and my first hike at all in my new boots. Now as any person* who has bought new walking boots knows, the first decent hike you do is not necessarily the most comfortable. Oh the joy I have to look forward to. At least the day is supposed it be blue skies and sunny so thank god for small mercies. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I do of course, but I may lie to save my embarrassment. But If I cant manage two decent walks back to back there is no hope for me in Africa so thats what will drive me on tomorrow. Damn if I’ll let myself down.

Unlike tonight! but QI has just come on so the evening is saved. Now, for that other bottle of wine…

*I originally wrote man, but changed it to person to be politically correct. On my own blog! how fucked up is that?

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