Why cant I do what I say I will?

The hangover this morning is worse than is should be, but better than it could have been. I’m disgusted that I have one at all considering how much I didn’t drink last night.

The alarm went off at 7 and I got up to get some water. I was quite surprised that my right leg failed to move at all. My body is just falling apart. I cant even go for a walk now without major complaints the next day – its stupid! How the F I’m going to get to the top of Kilimanjaro I have no bloody idea.

After a little coaxing I managed to get up so I went and got some much needed water then return to bed. sod it, it was too early anyway.

I’ve since found out there are major engineering works on the trains anyway so it would have taken me hours to get where I wanted to be, so all in all, I feel justified for having stayed in bed.

Paul, you’ll be glad to know I watch cars – ALL THE WAY THROUGH. although I still think its pretty crappy it does have a couple of funny bits in.

Now for the day ahead. I’m going to take the bike for its first ride of 2008, and then just play the rest of the day by ear. No major walking. I’m not even going to wear my boots today.

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