the road to recovery..

so I woke up this morning actually feeling a bit worse than yesterday which really pissed me off. However, after a couple of hours and a few lemsips I did start to feel a little better. Now I just feel tired. sooo tired. the littlest effort just knackers me out. The coughing and spluttering is dying down and the headaches are easing off. All I need do now is sleep!

In the afternoon I had a surprise visit from Kate. She brought round soup and bread. bless! She stayed the afternoon and we chatted and stuff. Read into that what you will but it was a lovely surprise and nice afternoon.

Tomorrow is back to work! And I have tons to do. But that starts again tomorrow.

For tonight, I watch series two of Heros again (episodes 1-8). Smashing.

> I’m starting to worry that I am getting addicted to Facebook Scabulous and Chess.

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