to wii or not to wii? to eat properl’ry or scoff humus?

so, no real news today so I shan’t bore myself writing it.

This evening, glass of wine in Hand (but not whilst I type) I find myself with a couple of tough choices…

Should I put the wii on and play some tennis and/or guitar hero??? or should I start planning my kit for Kilimanjaro? I know which one I ‘should’ do, but lets face it ITS BORING! hmm.

Second choice – cook myself a proper meal or just polish off the humus tub and bread sticks I got on the way home? This is possibly the tougher choice. I’ll think on both whilst I go fill my glass again.

Other things of note: started watching Cars the Disney movie the other day – got about 25 minutes into it but what a pile of rubbish! My good friend Sean loves it, but I’m getting the feeling its just because he’s seen it so many times because of Tank (his son). For me, nope, not a winner.

on that note, I’m off to top up the wine and grab the humus.

2 thoughts on “to wii or not to wii? to eat properl’ry or scoff humus?

  1. I don’t quite know what to say!!Poopoo-ing Pixars ‘Cars’? – probably because you don’t see the greater messages buried within the film….Social responsibility, caring for those around you, whitewall tyres can be cool in certain situations…. and, if you’re gonna fix a road – do it properly!Actually, on the story side, it wasn’t one of their strongest offerings. But then again, on the story side, it was one of their strongest offerings. Struggle through and watch it twice (once with your chiddlers head on), you’ll understand what I mean.Yeah, ok – you got me, I am a little bit biased when it comes to just about anything made by Pixar.Glad you’re feeling better Dude.*animation geek grabs his coat, and leaves*


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