What a pissy day.

OK, so I’m not one to be ill a great deal, but I have come down with a cold and it has totally wiped me out. I feel drained, utterly exhausted 😦 however, I refuse to let that dampen my spirits!

What has really pissed me off is that a good friend has come into town from the States and invited me out for a beer tonight with a few other friends I haven’t seen for a while. I REALLY wanted to go, but new it would be utterly pointless 😦 Next time I told him – lets hope its not two years like its been since the last time I saw him.

On other positive notes, I was told today I am a ‘freudian projector‘. Now I had to look that up before I could respond but I can tell you, I don’t think I am. much. Honest! however, this Freud guy sounds quite clever so I may read some of his other theories. Apparently he has one on penis envy which is probably a good place for me to start!

Today I reaffirmed my belief that I couldn’t stay home for too long – I am already bored senseless. OK, so laying still isn’t much fun granted, and if I was just off and able to go out and meeting people during the day and evenings then it maybe different, but how some people just lounge at home day after day is beyond me. rant over.

And that the end for today.

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