The day after wii night

How bloody annoying that I have come down with a cold, which will no doubt progress onto the dreaded man flu. 😦 and to think I went to the doctors only a couple of days ago for my travel immunity injections. bloody typical.

So, last night was Dave A’s Birthday bash. The bottles of wee gag went down quite well I thought, but more so I think the actual wii was well appreciated. He also had a good turn out of friends, alas for the fact I did my normal trick and didn’t actually speak to anyone I didn’t know. I really should make more effort to be sociable! (or should I?). Anyhow, I do remember rambling on to Sarah H for quite a while at the end of the night though the content for the last portion of that conversation escapes me right now. I think she left shortly afterwards so I obviously bored her to tears. Both Kates where there and although I didn’t notice much interaction between them (Clare P – where were you??) it seems that it went ok. Luke and I left just after Kate A so we walked her to the night bus and made sure she got on it safely, and then jumped on a bus home to Streatham ourselves after Luke got a massive bucket of KFC – oh how the rest of the very packed bus must have loved us. All the way home I was sure I was still going to get up early and go trekking, even though I new then I was coming down with a cold. Lukie told me there was no point pushing myself too hard as it would only make things worse. That advice at 08:00 this morning seemed fucking great so I took it and turned off my alarm and went back to Bed. It was lovely.

Alas, its only 15 days till I fly to Africa to trek Kilimanjaro and for a week of that I will be in the Philly. I am quite worried about my fitness levels! I have not done what I would call a major trek at all in training, nor have I been riding my bike or doing any running. I could be in trouble. I am ‘fairly’ confident that my legs and body are up for it, but I’m just a little worried about my stamina/cardio abilities. When I trekked Peru I did a lot more training than I have for this, and it’s not nearly so high. I’m committed to doing it, but am nervous – time will tell, watch this space.

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