Monthly review – January

It feels like January flew past in a flash – 31 days gone with little to show for it.

Of course it didn’t, but thats just how it felt because some things I should have done I didn’t, however there were some good bits too!  This could also be said for 2015 – boy did that year go quick!  Looking back now its hard to remember what happened month to month to be able to say whether I got stuff done, and so its hard to say just whether 2015 was productive.

With that in mind I am going to try and write a monthly review to help me see what I am (consistently) failing and just what I am doing to pass my time. Not sure on the format and I’ll work on it through the year but the main things I am going to note monthly are three main areas: Work (job), Fitness, and Study.

The aim is hopefully spur myself into action by publishing my success!  Not an aspiring start though however that means things can only get better!!! (of course thats bollox).

January Review:

None – still currently a man of leisure


Swimming practice:   3 sets 200 whilst on holiday.  None since returning to the UK.

Running practice:   None


Teacher sessions: 3.
Home practice: None

On the second session I strained a hamstring muscle which put me completely out of action for 2 days and meaning the 3rd session was light.

High: 97.8KG (post Christmas binge)
Low: 94.1KG (spritely!)

Study and Reading

OU course work:

Books read:
The Gun Slinger (book I, Dark Tower)
Golden Sun (book II, Red Rising)
Started: The Drawing of the Three (book II, Dark Tower)

Other notes:

1st – 16th

Trip to Cambodia (separate blog coming about that! The glory of Angkor Wat!!!)


Met with Norsk regarding a possible job in their new east midlands operation (this lead to a formal interview to be had in February).

Weekend in Cheltenham – weekend away at a good friends – played lots of boardgames: Terra Mystica and Tzolk’in were both new to me and both good games!

Spent one morning searching and applying for other jobs.

A very poor month for anything productive.
For the two weeks I was in the UK – I did very little in the three main areas (work, fitness, study) – this needs to be addressed!  I am now several weeks behind with my OU work (also had a very poor December) and my training for my first triathlon (May 2016) has to-date been woeful.

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