Plagued by injuries..

Nothing sucks more than having the time, motivation and desire to exercise, only to suffer an injury that stops you from doing it.  Lately it seems every week I have a new injury and I’m not sure why*.

It all started a few weeks back (about 5 weeks ago) when I was getting back into running and although not running far, I was aiming to run at least a mile a day.  The previous weeks had seen me run 2-3 times a week alternating between a 5.5k run and a 1.8k run (two local routes that are convenient for running whilst also taking the dogs out).  When I decided to go daily I was aiming for the 1.8k route, but working on increasing the pace.   One day, for no reason I could fathom my hip started to ache but I ran through it (because if I stopped every time my body protested I would never get out of bed!).  The next day when I ran, the ache turned into a stabbing pain that stopped the run… and I’ve been dealing with it ever since.

So that lead me into Yoga – I figured what ever was wrong with my hip would benefit from some stretching, plus I’ve previously enjoyed the few yoga sessions I’ve done, so it was a win win.

As it turns out I love yoga – I just need to listen more to my body about what it can comfortably achieve!

Yoga lead me to the local leisure centre (Matlock) which is new centre and has a great 25 meter pool, so I started swimming again – nothing major (I’ve never been a good swimmer) just sets of 10 lengths (breaststroke) with an aim of doing 3 sets plus 2 (which to my reckoning is half a mile) and then building up from that to doing the 32 lengths without stopping.

The first week of yoga and swimming were great – challenging, but great – but at the weekend of the first week (whilst NOT exercising) I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder blade  (or trapped a nerve, or somehow hurt).  That left me pretty much incapacitated for a day and then out of action for the week.

I then returned to yoga the following week and at the end of the very first day I had done exactly the same but in the right shoulder blade.


I’m guessing that in one of more of my stretches I am overreaching – I need to explore this with my teacher.

So here I am – 5 weeks into a healthy start, currently suffering an injured back and still a sensitive hip and rather frustrated**.

There are a couple of positives;  I can still ride my bike, and this has given me the motivation to dig it out of the shed and take it out a few times – the downside to that though is my arse hurts so cant ride to often (need to toughen up those cheeks!).

The other plus side is that I have also been eating healthier – so far I have lost just under 5kg since August so hopefully that downward trend will continue.  I came back from travelling 18 months ago weighing 94kg and I would love to get back to that which is only 1.5kg away now***.  An AMAZING goal would be to get below 90kg.  If I achieve that I am going to reward myself with something special (yet to be decided!).

Downward trending weight
So with luck, I’ll be back to full health soon and can start running, cycling, swimming and yoga again without worry of injury, though it seems this exercise lark is fraught with danger and requires some researching!
* OK, this is a lie as this entire blog is about why I am injured!
** Many reasons for this. Mentally and physically.
*** I left to go travelling at a hefty 106kg, and in August I was back up to 100kg.


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