So this is an email I sent to Kate yesterday morning at 05:30.  Oh the joys of having dogs…

So the oddest thing. I woke up at 04:30 a little thirsty but not desperate and I ignore it for half an hour before finally getting up and going downstairs to get some water.

It was dark, and I didn’t want to disturb the dogs too much so I quietly, without turning on the lights, I went to the kitchen and filled a glass. As I came down the stairs I remember thinking it smelt very ‘doggy’ – much more so than normal and considered a dip the dogs in the river on today’s walks.
The dogs don’t stir too much as I entered the kitchen, not more than some tail wagging which I could just make out in the dark from the corner of my eye.
After taking a drink, I refilled my glass and started to head back upstairs and on route again I was hit with eau-de-dog.
At the bottom of the stairs I noticed a dark patch that looked like a sock. Odd I thought, when did I leave that there? I nudged it with my toe to push it aside – clearly not thinking this through and I am blaming this on still being sleepy at this point.
30 minutes later, having had to hop around the house with a shitty foot, cleaned up a MASSIVE wet shit with associated after drips in the surrounding area and having then steam cleaned the area (of course it’s the wooden floor by the front door!) I’m now back in bed, wide awake, with the dogs shut in the kitchen on the tiles. Neither of then are owning up to it and both are looking as guilty as each other (I think the have developed this strategy together to avoid blame!).
How’s your night been?

These are the little blighters
No photos of the poo available… and we are all thankful for that.

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