The DVD collection gathering dust in the corner…

I don’t own a million DVD’s, but like most people I have gathered a few over the years and they now sit on shelves in my living room gathering dust.  I don’t even own a DVD player that I can use (I do have one, but its old and doesn’t connect the new TV without a £40 adaptor which I don’t have!) so all I can do is look at them. Not watch them.  Just look at them.

However, I find myself with a little time on my hands at the moment, so amongst other things (which included upgrading my laptop to Windows 10) I decided start ripping my DVD’s onto an external hard drive I bought years ago but don’t use, as my TV does have USB ports and viola! I can start watching my collection again.

It turns out its a fairly slow process, so I haven’t made much progress yet, but I also find myself wondering if (for most of my collection) its actually worth the effort.  These are films I haven’t watched in years, and should I watch them again, it would actually be a waste of my time – I have already seen them all TONS of times.

The thing is, I just like to have them.  Some of them at least – the half decent ones that don’t appear on Netflix/Amazon prime.  I have resolved to copy the ones I want – and give the rest away.  Clear out some shelf space and de-clutter my life a little.

For the interested folks, here’s what made the initial copy list:

Star Wars – I-VI  (yes, I even copied the I, II and III – glutton for punishment!)
The Lord of the Rings (extended editions) all three films – but only the films – not the appendixes
The Bourne Trilogy
2001 and 2010
A Few Good Men
Good Will Hunting

The missing list:

Alien – I dont seem to have a copy (shock!)
Warriors – DVD is missing from case
Avitar – I only have a blue ray copy (and my laptop isn’t blue ray)
It’s a Wonderful life – again – blue ray.
The Princess Bride (MIA)

Things in the queue:

A Game of Thrones (seasons 1-3 which I own)
Lost – all series (I really want to watch these again one day)
Star Trek Voyager – Series 1-7 (glutton for punishment here too).
Spaced – Series 1 and 2
The Planet of  the Apes
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
The Sound of Music
The Matrix

And the rest (about 70% of collection) is chaff:

The Wire – all seasons
House – many seasons
Dexter – some seasons
The Matrix 2 and 3
etc etc etc etc

The question is:

What would be your ‘keep list’ in your collection – and what percentage of your collection would that be?

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