Is it ever to late? Or to early?

Sitting on the porch of a cabana on a beach in Belize (with a few rums inside me), I find myself wondering if its ever too late.

To late to achieve a physical challenge? To late to change career? (Or even *have* a career?) to late to go back to school? I late to change some bad habits?

Or on the flip side; is it too early? To start thinking of any of the above? Or on the other end of the scale, to to retire say that’s it?

I see some people very close to me in the early stages of their lives and I cringe for the lives they are not leading. But was anyone any different at that age?

I look at some of my peers with envy at their strength of will to set out and achieve goals that give them freedom to lead the lives they want. The steadfastness to raise a family or the drive to start their own business. The courage to set long term goals coupled with determination to achieve them. How the hell some people do more than one, or all of these, is beyond me!

I also look at my seniors and see people that have lead some great lives – some of which have been exploring the world, other have been as the anchors for families, still others have pursed personal goals for career, success, wealth or happiness. What is the back story with them? When did they choose their path? When did heir wisdom come?

I do sometime worry that when I finally get ‘old’ I will look back and regret some of my choices.

But not right now. Right now, life is a beach. A new city, a new country, a new language and culture and repeat.

When I grow up, then I shall revisit these thoughts. Or should that be *if*? 😉

Beach life.





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