South America; East coast to West, to North

I am a few day behinds on my escapades, but don’t worry, I will catch up.

First I just wanted to jump ahead to the ‘now’ as I am pleased with where I am, and where I’ve been.

I have reached the north coast of South America. I’m in Cartagena, Colombia, and the next step in the journey is a boat to Panama and Central America. It’s taken me three weeks to get here, three weeks since I left Buenos Aires on my journey north, and those three weeks I have been on a whirlwind trip.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Santa Cruz to La Paz.

La Paz to Cusco, Peru.

Cusco to Lima.

Lima toTrujillo

Trujillo to Mancora

Mancora to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Guayaquil to Quito

Quito to Medallion, Colombia

Medallion to Cartagena.

4 countries, 10 stops, too many hours on busses to count (though I will add this up one day) and all in just 3 weeks.

It’s now time to slow it down a little as I near my rendezvous with Kate. My sailing trip to Panama is 5 days. 2 to cross the gulf, then 3 days snorkelling in the San Blas islands. Then a 4×4 trip to Panama City and a last few days of busses before kicking back for a month on a beach on Belize.

It’s been great, it’s going to be AWESOME.


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