Week 6 – Bike, running and swimming.

Week 6 started badly. I was away the weekend in the New Forest with some mates – camping, riding, eating and drinking. We Did a good 25 mile ride on the Saturday which was all great but it did little relieve the bloated feeling from the meat fest that was 4 lads camping & BBQing.

So I started week 6 feeling a little tired (from not sleeping in a bed) and more than a little bloated.

Monday: Riding: about 10 miles to Kingston. followed by swimming. I didn’t do any swimming in week 5 but I was determined that I would keep up the good work. Alas obviously not determined enough! I did around 12 lengths but all singles and not once did the coordination run smoothly. Still, every one is allowed off days. I blame it on the riding.

Wednesday – still feeling bloated but went out for a run. managed 4k around Brockwell Park and probably could have done more but was off out that night so called it quits there.

Friday – decided I would go for two laps around the Park – and breezed it. To the point I also ran home and did a lap of the block (about another 2k) pushing my run up to 10k! – With hills!!!!

details here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/12029227

I cant tell you how AMAZED and happy I am about this run. 🙂 Feel free to congratulate me!

No guest runners this week – though I am hoping for volunteers for the forth coming weeks!


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