Running week 3 – Another Guest Runner!

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

This weeks guest Runner is Aaron Law! My 15 year old nephew.

We both new he could do this run in his sleep so we had no doubts about which one of us would be leading the pace 🙂 However, to his credit he stayed at my pace and kept with me all the way round.

Disappointingly I had to stop 3 times (yes 3 times!) on my lap and I was truly gutted. I was hoping that having Aaron there would push me on and i would do the lap without stopping (showing off to my nephew) but alas the lungs just weren’t playing ball. However, I only allowed myself short stops and pushed on – and good that I did as I knocked 24 seconds off my fastest time. Now that made me happy!

You can see all the details here:

Thanks Aaron!


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