21st July – Run with Guest runner!

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

Week 2 of the training and I have a Guest runner! Welcome Scott Geary 🙂

Well, we abandoned the ’round the block’ run and instead ran over to Brockwell Park which happens to be a lot closer than I thought. I may now set this as my primary run – its certainly much prettier than my block!

Here is a link to the run we did, we some interesting (if you are into that kind of thing) stats on heart rate, pace and elevation.

but to surmise.. we covered TWO and a HALF miles (4KM) with only a couple of little rest stops (less than a minute a time) in 24 and a half minutes.

Its a really great route and I pushed myself harder for having Scoot (who hasn’t run in ages) keep ahead of me most of the way.


We shall do this again soon – if you are interested in becoming a guest runner – Let me know!



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