Doesnt time fly..

ok, so 5 months have passed without and update. Maybe there is more to this daily/weekly bloging than I first realised.

Or is it I just found something more interesting to do?

No would be the answer to that. Is it that I couldn’t be arsed? Yes.

But here I am, writing again, so I’ll give you a crash course of what has been going on.

Finally did my competent crew sailing course and I now know how to crew a boat. Since then I’ve done two cross channel trips and a race from Cowes to Poole in severe gales – it was bloody miserable but fun at the same time. One of those ‘it can never be this bad again’ type things. Anyhow, I really love it and hope to do lots more next year.

with less detail I have:

Been snowboarding at milton keynes a couple of times
Been right hooked by an X girlfriend
Done the London to Brighton bike ride for the BHF
Been slagged off to all my friends by an X girlfriend
Done the Yorkshire three peaks trek (25 miles, 12.5 hours)
Went camping on my Birthday
Done some decorating on the flat

HOWEVER, I have done bugger all running. What a shame! I shall have to get back into this and start again. I dont actually think anyone reads this, but if more than 5 people say YAY, I shall begin training in ernest.

So, that sums up the last 5 months, I’ll try and start writing again more often, though as always there are no guarantees!

10 thoughts on “Doesnt time fly..

  1. Dear “Not Quite Any of the Above” I find your blog witty, sensitive and very, very funny. I do have two very minor complaints however.One – your detail is not in depth enough, almost as though you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself. Open up, us girls like that. You’re obviously well travelled (and experienced! 😉 ). What are you thinking and how have there places changed you? Two – don’t leave it so long between entries. The suspense is too intense. I check this blog and regularlly and am really disappointed when its not updated. Please don’t disappoint me. Thank you for being so entertaining and inspirational! Give me more me 😉


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