another couple of week slips by..

wow, where to begin! firstly, I came up with an inspired idea to get life size cut outs of my good friend Luke made up and to take them out for a few drinks for his birthday. Luke is currently undertaking a mammoth trek for charity – walking the Amazon river from source to the sea. It will take him and his good friend Ed 16-18 months to do and they will have been the first people to ever walk the entire river! It really is an amazing undertaking and if you want to find out more visit:

this is one of the many pictures we got:

you have to admit – its fucking great! If you want to see the rest try here

Next, due to a superb tip off from my esteemed college Mr Gibb I won £140 on the national. brilliant! That kept me going for a few days I can tell you. Good old, comply or die, I love you!

Then I make a bit of a fool of myself but I wont go into that here. Needless to say I’m skilled and doing stupid things.

Then, I meet up with some old mates from good old – anyone remember them? We spent a fortune not selling anything but by god did we know how to drink. I can now confirm that very little has changed! here they are in all their glory:

ok, its dark – but as the picture proves (if you can see) I wasnt the one taking the damn photo!

Damo, Candice and Dane. Not sure what they are up to but its on the other side of the table so I’m safe.

After 5 hours of solid drinking we decide to call it a night. that is, until I’m walking past the hard rock casino on route to getting my night bus when I get his thought “I could really do with a coffee, and if I’m gambling, its free! yay!”. Now, I’d be lying if I said it was the first such time this utterly stupid thought has occurred to me, or if that this wasn’t the first time that I have acted on it. Still, I did get a couple of coffees, and it only cost me £60. But it was fun too. If only I could have got home before 3am! Tuesday will not go down as my best day in history.

Also – I should not be aloud to use my mobile when drunk. fact. sorry everyone!

but to top all that – I just beat Sean at chess when he was kick my arse! I was about to resign when the stubborn git in me decided to fit to the death – less than 10 moves later I have him mated. bloody amazing what you can pull out the bag some times! I’m not sure if you will be able to see it, but try clicking here to see the end GAMBIT

so, all in all. a blooming great week. If I hadnt been called a some nasty names and a player of ‘mind games’ earlier last week, it would be up there with the best of them. But as it is, we’ll just have to give it a 8/10! good enough for me though.

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