Last day in stone town – the beach awaits!

OK, so I have been in stone town for a a night longer than anticipated but its been worth while. I’m not sure how many more days I could have stayed here, but three is about right. I spent a day getting lost in the lanes, a day on a spice plantation tour and today I went diving, gee, I had forgotten how much I like diving!

Stone town: Its fairly small but very compact. There are hundred on little lanes, some lined with shops all selling the same thing, but mostly just run down old buildings that are either hotels or peoples homes. By day the streets a teeming with tourists (like me) and locals trying to sell you something, hire themselves out as guides or offering you taxi rides. By Night, not a great deal changes except you wouldn’t walk down some the allies you would in the day. Lets face it, there are some allies I wouldn’t even walk down in the day! there are a few bars along the sea front, off of which get packed for the sunset then empty out a bit. I’m not sure where the people go – it must be the cool, invitation only place that I ha vent been invited to!

For eats: they love their Italian food here! there much be 6 Italian restaurants in this small town! Al the bars do food too and its to a pretty good standard. But the best place so far is the night food market. This is where the locals cook in front of you the local catch of the day in kebab form. You simply choose a vendor (and there are loads of touts trying to help you make your mind up) then put some kebabs on a plate and watch them cook it. The kebabs are 1500 shillings (about 75p) each and are REALLY nice. The market is usually in a large garden on the seafront but this is closed due to refurbishment (apparently its very very run down) so now its on a side street nearby between the old fort and the museum.

What next? tomorrow I head north to nungwi which is at the northern most tip of the island. I’m staying there till Saturday and plan to do not much other than sunbathe, swim, read, eat & drink. Oh, and maybe sleep a little too. 🙂

Question: what is it about sunrises and sunsets that draw us as tourist but not as residents. I cant remember ever seeing a sunrise in London, and have cant remember having ever gone out of my way to watch a sunset (though I have done this by accident). Yet here in Zanzibar its a must do/see! very very strange. (not so much the sunrise now, but saw everyone on Kili).

cheers for now!

2 thoughts on “Last day in stone town – the beach awaits!

  1. Trouble is that sunrise in London is simply not very a great sight. Too many buildings and crap in the way.Watching it rise on a ocean horizon is pretty cool, as I have seen < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<>.


  2. Hope you’re having a spanking time Mr The Law [sounds like you are!] – and I also hope that you are getting many, many photos of this epic journey. Look forward to the next posts.


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