From Zanzibar with Love..

OK, so its been ages since my last ‘blog’, but I have been busy. No promises on more regular posts just yet though as Internet availability may be sporadic over the next week..

So, what are my thoughts right now?

a) Zanzibar is hot. damn hot.
b) My legs REALLY ache
c) I’m looking forward to some beach time and some diving
d) Its hots here
e) Should I blow a ton of cash here or should I try and budget?
f) Do I want kids?*

So, are you comfortable? then I shall begin.

I arrived in Zanzibar last night after spending 8 days trekking up Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is the highest point on the African Continent and I was very excited about doing it, but I also did very little research into what to expect. Let me tell you. It was fucking hard! The first few days were quite easy at around 3000 meters but once we started going above 4000 meters the altitude really started to kick in. I was getting some terrible headaches and once we got about 5000 meters walking became a real labour. Imagine taking pigeon steps and only being able to do one every second and only able to do 20 or so at a time before getting completely knackered. Sounds silly, but that’s about that the state I was in by the time we hit the summit. However, even though it was tough it definitely worth it. The views from the top where spectacular. Looking around at the massive glaciers and down on the clouds and other surrounding mountains was breath taking. I regret we didn’t spend longer at the top taking it all in, but the weather can change very quickly up there so its best to get going while its good and we still had 7 hours of descent in front of us! By the end of the day everyone was absolutely knackered.

Whilst we were on the trek I re-bonded with some old friends and made some news ones. Its incredible the bond you can make on this kind of trek with people you probably wouldn’t normally go out of your way to talk to – but because of a shared adventure and some good conversation, you really get to know people – a clearer insight into who people are.

There where a couple of nights, sitting in our communal eating tent where we sat round as a group and chatted. There was no alcohol involved but we all opened up and had a fantastic time. One night we laughed longer and harder than I can ever remember doing. Strange that. I wonder if I could talk my mates into doing it? I can imagine the answer from some!

Its all to do with the lost art of conversation, plus with a few games thrown into the mix that everyone joined in with made for really good time. what games?? Simple truth type games. each taking it in turn to tell a themed memory..

What is your most painful (physical) memory.
What one thing in your life would you change given the chance?
Give three facts about yourself – only one of which is true. The rest have to guess which one is the correct one. (this was very very funny).
Favourite films
Relevant (to climbing the mountain) songs

It was all such simlpe stuff, but really entralling and very funny. I would recommend such an evening to everyone.

So with those goods memories in mind, and looking forward to a great week ahead, I leave you with this thought:

“stop putting off the things you want to do – tomorrow may never come”.



*not really thinking this at all.

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