Two years of musings…

So it’s been a while. At some point I just stopped writing (again) and I’m not sure why. Lets not get into that now though as its both boring (probably) and requires some thought! That’s two good reasons not to bother in my humble opinion.

So let’s just sum up two years in a few sentences and then afterwards lets see how this goes.


Yep, thats how long it’s been. All the while I’ve been paying for this blooming domain and wordpress site. Money well spent perhaps not, but hey ho, not a fortune in the grand scheme of things so let’s just move on. So what happened:

WE left the EU. Yep, the deadline passed and the fools actually took us out. Look how well that is going for us.

Covid. Fuck. worked throughout. Got it twice.

I got a new job! I no longer working from home (booo) and I’m now commuting to Birmingham (yuk) which takes a couple of hours (double yuk!) which means I stay away from home a couple of nights of week at least (triple yuk!). I think there are some positives for the new job but I’ll cover them later (maybe).

I got a new car (oooooh, an EV). Just as fuel prices go mental. And even though electric also went nuts it is still cheaper for me in the long run so double thumbs up for a) getting a nice new car and b) doing my little bit to help drive down fossil fuel usage and pollution.

We sponsored a Ukrainian family (we now share our home with a mother her eight year old daughter).

I’ve at LEAST doubled my board game collection. Perhaps covid related. Odd that even though I couldn’t meet people to play these games for most of the last two years, I still managed to buy a shit load of them. Perhaps a bit of retail therapy??

Fitness: I’ve not being doing any out of work exercise at all. This is bad. I did a few runs early 2021 as I joined a local running group that ran on Sundays, however I soon realised that I wasn’t ready for the kind of distances they were running, and could get the time to do extra runs during the week. I must pick this up again though!

Games: Did I mention I bought some more board games? Some of them are awesome.

Lockdown gaming. During lockdown one, when I was still working from home, I was gaming online with friends every Tuesday ad Thursday – two different groups and two different types of games. That. Was. Amazing. It was great to just chat to them and have some real belly laugh moments whilst we all played games we enjoyed. I have to find time to fit this back in, and a plan is forming…

Audio books! One thing that driving 400-500 miles a week does is give you loads of time to listen to books. I’ve reread/listened to some old favourites and have found a few new ones. I am very much generally sticking to my fantasy/sci-fi roots, but some part of me wants to start listening to some non fiction (I suppose I want to do something constructive/educational/informative?) but that hasn’t started yet. Another ‘watch this space’ .(Recommendations are welcome).

And lastly to throw two years of other events at you: Holidayed in Scotland (Fort William area), camped in Devon on the hottest week EVER, had a long weekend with friends in the Lakes and in Wales. Went to Airecon 2022, bought some dungarees, grew some veg (I seem to be especially good at growing courgettes, though not much else), spent loads of time with my bestie Dave over the Autumn/winter/spring of 2021/2022 (playing lots of games!) but sadly now the bugger has moved to Switzerland which put pay to that. Nipped over to Austria for quick work trip, did my first ever attempt at wallpapering (did not meet standards and was all torn down – let us not talk about that), bought an Oculus 2 (oooooooh).

So thats me. I’ll try and write more often now, just for fun.

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