A 2020 pep talk for everyone…

Happy New Year!  A new year, a new decade, and you are most likely thinking of making a change.

Whatever that change maybe, here is some super advice that was left out for me on a post it note by my partner on my first day back to work this year, and I think this will probably resonant with a lot of people:



For me personally, I had a pretty shitty end to 2019 at work which has ultimately left me with only one option for 2020: a new job.  I haven’t found one yet, though we have talked it through a agreed it is a top priority for this year, in fact in Kate’s view its a year late in coming and she was trying to convince me all last year to move on (oh how I should have listened!).

I got up for my early shift just before at 5am and found this note which had been put there after I went to bed for me to find  when I got up and I smiled.  I smiled ALL day long and I really think that you should think on this advice and ask if its relevant to you.  So many of us suffer jobs/managers/work environments that are unrewarding, negative, or down right toxic and through either fear of change, lethargy, misplaced loyalty, or in the worst instances because we’ve been undermined or criticized so much that we’ve started to believe it and we fail to move on.

If you work somewhere that doesn’t value you, doesn’t show its appreciation for what you do, or doesn’t make you want to get up and go to work: you deserve better!

Don’t settle. Go find a job that you want to do – whatever that maybe.

Be happy.  We all deserve it.




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