everyone feels down occasionally..

TLDR: It’s easy for things get you down. Recognise this and counter it by doing more of what you enjoy with the people you enjoy.


It’s so easy for external factors to affect how you feel and then for how you feel to affect how you behave.  I’m generally a fairly positive guy and I lead a good life which is relatively stress free (other that the stresses I needlessly put upon myself), I am not so indebted that I’m drowning (which is to say I am not debt free), and I get to do a lot of the things I really enjoy.  I’m very lucky in the grand scheme of things.

But occasionally you do things that can bring you down – even if getting some enjoyment out of them.

At work I am going through a redundancy process.  I’m not being made redundant but instead I am one of a group of managers who are holding individual consultations with colleagues that are.  None of this is my fault, and there is little I can do except be as supportive as possible however it can be frustrating as I am not part of the steering group that is making the decisions; I’m just one of the guys rolling out the policy – regardless whether I agree with it.

Then at home I’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tale.  Whilst a gripping story and really good TV; my god is it bleak!  And considering what’s going on in the wider world it’s not too far a leap to think that something ‘like’ this is feasible.

Those two things have dominated my waking world for a few weeks – what a combo!

Then talking of the wider world; BREXIT. CLIMATE CHANGE. TRUMP. IRAN & THE REFUGEE CRISIS.  AUSTERITY .  None of it makes for good reading and it seems we’re all doomed!  Shut down. Give up. Become a recluse. DESPAIR!

Or at least that is how it easy to feel; but there is hope!

On a personal level I just need to do some simple stuff:  Walk the dogs more. Go for a run.  Do Yoga.  Listen to or read some good books. Eat better. Find more time for catching up with friends.  Stop watching so much TV (as good or not, there are better things to do with your time).

On a larger scale we can all do some stuff: read up on what matters – inform yourself of the facts.  Promote what you learn.  If you can, join some protests groups, get more involved politically.   Donate what you can to causes that matter to you.  Get in touch with friends.

I am also toying with the ideal of going vegetarian (I have been toying with this for  while now),  and it really wouldn’t take much as I am mostly there anyway, but I’d struggle with some things (ham, fish, and chicken!) plus there is some peer pressure.

Whatever I decide I just need to remember:  I’m lucky to live the life I have.







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