Where did January go?

Tomorrow is the 1st of February and as I look back I have to wonder where the hell January went.

Sure things happened.  And Some great things* happened. I even spent some time looking for a new job and researching** a couple of projects.

There was a trip to London to catch up with old friends and eat some delicious cakes from Bret and Bailey at the Crystal Palace food market – something in the planning since May last year! For an idea of what I enjoyed and that you are missing out on, head here

Then here was a week in Cheltenham playing board games with Dave; Scythe being a new winner brought to the table but with some classic games of Castles of Burgundy, Castles of Mad King Ludwig,  Carcassonne, and 11 Nymphs (to name a few).

There were the lost few days of President Farts inauguration were little could be achieved other than keeping up with the news and social sites around the world as we all (well, most of us) looked on with a sinking feeling in the pits of our stomachs.

I’ve also binge listened to (Via Audible) Ben Aaronovitch’s The Rivers of London series (books 1>6) which have been a real blast.

I’ve also started the B V Larson’s Undying Mercenary series – book 1 via Audible and I’m now on book 2 via Kindle – back to actually reading!

I may have also watched; Sneaky Pete (s1), The Man in the Castle (s1), Haven (s1).

I’ve also started doing the Guardian’s daily crossword (quick, not cryptic) every morning with my coffee, so that absorbs an hour from my morning – I’ll admit to not being the quickest crossword solver in Youlgreave.

On top of that, there  was plenty of dog walking – always so much dog walking 🙂

So my question remains: Just where did January go?


* I’m worried saying ‘great’ now makes me sound like President Fart

** yes, see, some of my time has been productive!

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