Loosing sight of what’s important to you

Just what is it that is important to you? Do you even know?

It’s so easy to let life slip by just getting on with things that you’ll realise one day you’ve lost years doing nothing that you actually wanted to do.
We chase money, promotions, recognition for a job well done, respect, titles, simply daily pleasures etc etc etc the list just goes on. The question is; are these really the things you want?
Do you have life goals? And is what you are doing today truly helping you achieve them?
A couple of years ago I made a choice to readdress my work life balance. To look for a job that I would enjoy, but one that wouldn’t rule my life. To do more with my down time, to live healthier and achieve more of the things I wanted to do.
Roll forward and I’m back in a job that has me working some crazy hours, with little time doing what I want and I find myself with no current understanding of when that will change or a plan of a way out.
It’s time to think again. It’s time to make a plan. It’s time to set some short term goals to help me achieve the life I want.
I just need to remember what that life is.
#lifegoals #worklifebalance #loosingtime #livinglife

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