Getting ready for a new start

My time with wnDirect is (once more) coming to and end.  Having ‘returned to the fold’ 15 months ago its now time to move on as they wanted me to work out of Heathrow, which would require me to move south again.

Instead, I’m staying in Peaks.  I love it here and though there are aspects of living south/in London that I miss, I much prefer it up here and having only been here a year, there is still lots to discover and enjoy.

Saying that, we are also exploring options for possibly moving to New Zealand for a few years, though this is slightly complicated now by have the hobbits (as they are expensive to relocate and if we move, we’d both need proper jobs which wouldn’t be very fair on them).


The Hobbits (short things with furry feet), Bonnie and Clyde.
In the short to medium term, the goal is to get a local job and carry on enjoying living in the peaks.  I’m working my notice at the moment during which I am just handing over my remaining projects, having already stepped aside from the general day to day so I already have more spare time on my hands and I’m I’m starting to set myself some goals:
Get back into running
Get back into swimming
Walk more of the Peaks with the Hobbits
Start cooking (I want to master paella and make it my ‘signature dish’)
Read more
Go out more with Kate.
It’s another new start; and I never tire of them 🙂

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