Is 08:30 to early for a glass of wine?

Does it make any difference if its red?
That I have already been out with the dogs?
Already had breakfast? (hot cross buns with lashings of butter!)
That its Saturday?

The answer of course is no.  Its never to early, or to late for anything – you can do what you want (within certain acceptable social boundaries that drinking wine in the morning may stretch but certainly doesn’t break). However that said I am still refraining, even though I’d actually quite like one.  Instead I’ve poured another coffee and am writing this and as you may of noticed already, this has no real purpose.  I am procrastinating. Doing this instead of doing anything useful, but also doing this instead of turning on the TV.  Make of that what you will – but I’m taking it as a sign that I really don’t want to watch TV and as much as I’d like to do a work out, I’m not quite there with the motivation (yet) to do it. So I’m writing.

2015 is going to be an odd year I feel.  A year in which my job in Derbyshire may come under threat of relocation back towards London, in which case I’ll be looking for another job as I really don’t want to live in/near London any more. It’s also a year of some responsibilities.

We have dogs now (two springer spaniels) and I love them to bit already, however I am coming to terms with the fact that they come with responsibilities.

Meet Bonnie and Clyde 

They need feeding, walking, attention, cleaning.  All of which I knew of course, but its not until you sign up you realise that is FOR LIFE. That’s potentially 15 years!  Its like having a child!!  I remember once many years ago in a drunken emotional moment storming out of a pub after accusing my best friend of caring more for his dogs than he did for me. What a fecking idiot. I realised immediately it was a stupid thing to say and a very stupid way to be feeling (jealous of someones dogs!) but I realise now just what he meant.  Yes he loved his dogs, but his dogs depended on him.  It was all to adult for me to grasp at the time – I’ve spent my entire life trying not not to take anything too seriously and not to have anyone depend on me and I’ve actually worked very hard on building a reputation as being somewhat unreliable in the day to day stuff.

And don’t get me wrong – I don’t intend becoming Mr Reliable for the rest of you!

So with that said, with job security under threat and some responsibility under belt I think 2015 has the potential to be a good year too.  A year of exploring the peaks (with the dogs).  Camping (with the dogs). Getting fitter again and loosing the weight I seem to have collected since coming back from travelling. Learning to cook (perhaps!).  What would really top it off for me would be if Kate would just agree to letting me retire and become a kept man.

Now that would be FAB.

Can someone please have a word with her for me?

One thought on “Is 08:30 to early for a glass of wine?

  1. Depends on what you are having WITH the wine. Since retiring recently I've rediscovered the joy of cooking. Arising around 8 means breakfast around 9, so what goes well with “Parmesan eggs Julia” and croissants? Think I'll try a tart organic cranberry and Marsala mixture with a slice of blood orange.


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