Week 2: Jazz, more running, a curry and a cemetery tour

So the title sums this week up – so if you haven’t got time or can’t be arsed you can stop reading here.

The week started with another run. The aim was upto 10k but as the group were at different stages of fitness and training (i.e I am a fat git) it was decided to head to a park to do loops so everyone could run at their own speed and aim for their own target distances without losing each other in a city we don’t know very well. This was a splendid idea and we set off around 10am on a bright a warm Sunday morning. Unfortunately my garmin didn’t pick up any satalites until about 800 meters into the run – so my logged distance comes up a little short, but I logged 8.6 k so actually ran about 9.4. Details here for anyone interested; RUN

As it turns out, the park we ran to was actually tiny! This meant lots and lots and lots of loops which is my idea of hell for running but luckily Sara ran with me and our chats kept my mind off it and stopped me going mad.

Later that day we did the San Telmo market which is one long road with street vendors and hawkers selling small crafts, bags, clothing and odds and ends. It was an interesting coupe of hours:

This is a quick shot of the street ahead.
During the week JJ and I visited ‘Recoleta’ which is a large cemetery in Buenos Aires famous as the resting place of Eva Peron (the infamous Evita) amongst many others. It’s an interesting place to visit because as well as being a place of contemplation, reflection and respect, it is also great to explore and wonder at the tombs and monuments. You can find more info about it here and some pictures I took of it here but here is the famous Eva;
I was awed by how well maintained some of the tombs were which just goes to show that people spend a lot of time here paying respects to their missing loved ones. I was also impressed by some of the stained glass/painted windows that the tombs contained (as you’ll see from the numerous pictures!)
Jazzy Comedy; having read about the Buenos Aires ‘jazz scene’ I went to check out one of the clubs that seems to come well recommended; Notorious. I was then very excited to find out that there was a Frank Sinatra tribute night that very night and so I purchased tickets for JJ, Sara and myself and we went along. The band was great and we had a fab night out – but the singer was very ‘Argentinian’ and sang the songs phonetically with an accent which meant for us Frank took on a highly comical note. I think it actually made the evening better for it, however we really should have tried to keep our mirth to ourselves.

Theses are the chaps in action – thanks guys!

The week ended with another run. Yes ANOTHER! That’s three is two weeks! This was just a 6k but with a faster pace than I am used to (apart from the first kilometer. Where we were held up with traffic). The pace was around the 5:30 per KM as apposed to my normal 6:00 KM. however, it was another lovely evening run around Puerto Madero with JJ and Pablo and the highlight of the evening was that Pablo knew of a curry house ran by an English chap (Martin) and his Argentinian boyfriend (Gustavo) and after the run we went there for a meal (only Pablo and I ate with JJ and Sara both opting to just watch). This menu board outside brought a tear of joy to my eye.

I went for the Lamb Rogan Josh. Awesome!
All in all it was a fun packed week – I now prepare for my departure (boo hoo) on Monday and my TWO DAY coach trip to Santa Cruz de le Sierra in Bolivia. The next blog will focus on this epic trip.


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