Wasdale Head and Scafell Pike

If you have a love of camping and the outdoors the I would strongly
urge you to camp at the national parks campsite at Wasdale Head.

It sits at the end of the wast water lake with both Scafell Pike and
Great Gable in clear view to the east. The drive in along the lake
shore is a small windy single carriage way road along which you just
want to stop and stare as each bend brings you back to the lake.

When the weather is good (as it is today) the sun reflects beautifully
off the lakes clear water. Alas that a great hill (Yellbarrow) lies to
the west and hides the sun much earlier than I would like on an

This is the second time I’ve visited, and both times I’ve loved it,
even though the first time the weather was poor, but alas that both
times have been flying visits; just two nights each.

As I sit here basking in the late April evening sun, contemplating my
Scafell Pike ascent tomorrow (my legs do still ache from Ben Nevis!) I
vow now that my next visit shall be for longer, and sooner in coming
than my second visit was to my first!!

Hiking Scafell Pike;

The day started windy but promising sunshine, and shine it did. Alas
the wind didn’t die down.

My legs still ached from Ben Nevis so I started slow and steady. The
ascent is steep and rocky and around three quarters of the way up it
starts to get very exposed to the winds. Very exposed. A few times I
was pushed off the path or lost my balance! However, I submitted in 2
hours and was down again in 3 hours 35 total.

Whilst I was at the summit some cloud rolled in which dropped the
temperature a fair bit, but out if the wind it was still a lovely day.
The steepness if the ascent really slowed me on the way down – I’m
curious as to the origins if the initial ascent path as it is so steep
and the rocks used are so small. Dwarf ladders?

There are so many other routes, mountains, lakes and paths to explore
that I would love to do them all!!!

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