So, at some point in the recent past I finally succumbed to Apple and their iPhone 4. Oddly for the first few day I felt dirty, a traitor, weak. I had joined the masses.

What a twat! There we are then.

Within the first week realised that it is undoubtedly the best phone I’ve ever had. The U.I is amazing, the keypad and predictive/corrective text is really good and more than anything it just feels ‘right’.

The only downside is that my laptop runs windows 7 and iTunes stopped working as soon as I got my phone! I didn’t even connect them up, somehow it just new that right at that moment was the optimum moment to fuck up.

Since then I’ve read a ton of support bugs for this issue but I just simply haven’t been able to fix it! Even Scoot and Oszkar are stumped ( friends and serious I.T bods).

Whilst this doesn’t stop me using and enjoying my iPhone it is *very* frustrating!

Answersonapostcard please.

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