So it all starts again now..

Hello! Whoever you are!

Well its nearly October. Where the hell did the last couple of months go? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

So, it all starts again. ‘m back in training – The Brighton Marathon 2011 looms and I must start training again as I have done no running worth mentioning since the April and the London marathon.

I also still have my swim to do. Its the only one of the three 2010 challenges I set myself that I haven’t yet tackled. This I must do before the end of the year!

And then there is work. We are about to go through some major changes at work and I cant wait! We’ve got a new MD who is going to shake things up a little at Firebox and get us all more focusedfocused on success, on detail, on training and on ourselves! I’ve been at Firebox for 8 years now and I feel more excited about going to work now than I have been in ages 🙂

There are some other things going on too. I’ve rediscovered reading (having not read anything in ages), I’ve been doing the garden decking at last (with lots of help from Scoot) and I have been rediscovering some other old favourites – Climbing, Chess and blogging to name but a few!

All in all, things are looking good. More to follow…

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