1 Week to go – and the training is all but done

Well folks, thanks for staying with me so long (I’ll assuming you’ve been with me since the start as it makes me feel better).

It been 10 months in coming. 10 months since I first set off for a run around my local block – a run of 1.5 miles that totally knackered me out. Its been fun, painful (ooh those blisters) tough, challenging but most of all – so rewarding.

I’ve drastically changed my lifestyle, particularly this year (2010) – I’ve completely cut out alcohol, virtually cut out take aways, all but damn it cut out biscuits, crisp and chocolate. I’ve been eating more healthily, training regularly and little by little – making progress.

And so here I am, 1 week before the LONDON MARATHON, as prepared as I’ll ever be for the challenge ahead. I’ve run; 3 half marathons, 1 16 miler, and 1 20 mile run plus many many many other training runs over various distances. I am confident and excited, keen, eager and at the same time nervous. 26 miles is still 6 miles longer than I have run to datethat’s at least another hour of running if I kept my pace (which undoubtedly I will not).

But Bring it on! However, now I need to starting thinking about why I am doing this. This is just one of three challenges I am doing this year and I am doing them all to raise money for the CMA – the Cardiomyopathy Association – and I am aiming to raise £3000 and I can’t do that without your help.

Firstly – thank you to everyone that has already given money. You have already at time of writing this helped me raise £1000 – which is amazing.

But I need more! So if you haven’t yet donated money let me try and bribe you to do so!

To aid me with my fundraising, one of our suppliers at work have kindly given me some returned stock to sell off that would otherwise have been heading for the skip (even though there is nowt really wrong with them). One of our hit products of 2009 (and looking strong for 2010) is the Slanket – its a lovely fleece blanket with arms so you can wrap yourself up in it and keep warm whilst reading your book or drinking your beer/wine/tea whilst watching TV. These have been returned to us as faulty – which generally means there is a little stitching come loose, or some may have a slight tear, or even just have gotten a little dirty in the post – but on the whole they are still FANTASTIC fleece blankets.

They look like this (see right) and I have a few colours available:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
and Pink.

Now – if you could spare just £25 to donate to the CMA through the link below – I will send you one of these lovely gems. You’ll be warm of a chilly spring evening and I’ll feel like all this running malarkey is worth it.


So grab your wallet/purse and click on this link:

and donate £25 (or more). Then just email me: steveslaw@gmail.com your address and I’ll pop one into the post for you. If you think you have friends that would like one too, then feel free to pass along the link – I’ll remove it once they have all gone but until then they are up for grabs on a first come first served. The more money I raise the better! 🙂

and spread the love.

Take care folks – look out for me on the telly and do shout if you see me. I’ll be listening….

Lots of love,



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