An old Classic is reborn…

Originally uploaded by steveslaw

During a recent clear out in preparation for a shiny new laptop that I have just ordered I stumbled across my old and much loved, though thoroughly forgotten about iPod. – its a 3rd gen 20gb and back in the day it was the bees-knees. (someone please tell me the origins on that statement).

I hadn’t thrown it away as it was engraved on the back, and had a lot of sentimental value – but because of the oh-so-typical iPod battery life it was no longer usable.

However, having found it again, I resolved to bring it to life, so with the aid of technical genius* that is Scott Geary I ordered a new battery (thanks Maplin, £15) and Scott performed some very detailed open heart surgery and … Hey Presto! An ipod is reborn 🙂

*This is in no way over exaggerated

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