A gap in training…

with out intention and for no real reason I suddenly find myself not having done any training for almost two weeks! SHOCKING. However, all is not as bad as it seems.

Since my epic (for me) 8 miles on the 31st August I ran a short 6KM with Dave Anthony around Battersea park – details of that are here… http://connect.garmin.com/activity/13371974

Then the next day a group of us rode 30 miles (some a little more than that!) on the London to Windsor Bike ride for the British Heart Foundation. A marvellous day out and a lovely ride – with a couple of very nice pubs on route! this is us at the end, proudly wearing our Medals.

Here are the details for the ride: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/13371973

However, since that weekend I haven’t done a great deal of training – for the week starting 7th September I was really tired – all week. I’m not entirely sure why that is though Kate has suggested that perhaps I haven’t got my diet quite right for all this training I am doing and I simply ran out of energy!

With that in mind I have started to keep track of my daily food intake and I shall get someone to check it out to make sure there is nothing I am missing. More to follow on that. Having NEVER calorie counted in my life it feels quite odd starting now and also still a little baffling on what is good or bad.

However, this week has started fairly well. On Monday (14th) I did two 10 mile rides and then went swimming for the first time in two weeks. Having had very poor swimming sessions in the last few visits I was determined to do better. And better I did! My previous best had been 6 lengths without stopping – and this week I managed 12! Yep, I doubled it. My ‘style’ still needs a lot of work, but it seems I am getting somewhere. Kate took this video of me doing a length so I could see what I am doing wrong…. Comments welcome but first a health warning.

This video contains me in my trunks, swimming. Do not watch if you are of a sensitive disposition.


If there is anyone who is any good at swimming and has any hints for me please let me know. Hell, if anyone reads this, please let me know! 😉

Running. Starts tomorrow and I’ll be going for 3-4 laps of Brockwell Park – which is 10-13KM. I’m hoping to get a similar kind of come back as the swimming!

Cheers all.



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