Time is a constant.  But my god how it sometimes just disappears.  It can fly by when you are busy or having fun, it can drag when are unhappy or bored, and sometimes it can simply vanish.  That’s not to say nothing has happened, however I have no idea quite where 2017 went. And we’re already almost halfway through 2018! Geeeeze…

I suppose it’s something we all worry about – time passing in a blur and one day you wake up and your life has passed you by and the bucket list not only hasnt been started but is still growing and your ability to do most of it has long since slipped away from you.

Feck thats a depressing thought.

Luckily – it’s easy to fix! get off your arse, get out and do some of it. Start simple. Just start.

Also; give recognition to the stuff you are doing that whilst not on the bucket list is the day to day stuff of life that you just love doing.

So I haven’t done much ground breaking stuff in the last year but that doesn’t mean life hasn’t been good.

We’ve bought a new house and are going through the ‘decorating’ phase.

There have been board games 🙂

And RUM!

There have been more than a few leisurely breakfasts in the garden in the sunshine.

And here is me, outside the new house, having just had breakfast in the sunshine, wearing my new T-Shirt that I got for the UK GAMES EXPO at the beginning of June, and that my friends, sums up daily awesome 🙂










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